Why You Should Have an Intimate Wedding


Why you should think about reducing your guests and having an intimate wedding.

intimate wedding ceremony with the mountains in background

Sadly, a lot of brides have no choice in having an intimate wedding or not right now. And others are questioning whether their 2021 wedding will happen or not.

Besides state restrictions, here’s why I think you should consider an intimate wedding whether it’s corona season or not:

1. You will get to spend time with every single guest. I had 140 people at my wedding. I got to talk to about half of them for a minute, and I honestly can barely remember who was there. Looking back I would’ve preferred a guest list 1/4th that size that I could have spent quality time with on the day of the wedding.

bridal couple talking with their guests while smiling and laughing

2. Getting married in your dream location is more realistic. Live in Nebraska but love the mountains? 20 of your closest friends/family are more likely to attend your destination wedding than a larger group.

intimate wedding ceremony surrounded by trees with a pond in background

3. Save on FOOD. A lot of people don’t realize how friggin expensive food is until you start being charged per person. Less people = less food, which also means you can spurge on an ice cream truck or taco bar (or whatever your heart desires) if you wanted to.

a charcuterie board at an intimate wedding reception with cheese, fruits and meats

4. Intimate weddings are all around more intentional, intimate, personal and stripped down to the true meaning of marriage. And you can still have a rad DJ so your uncle Bob can get his groove on.

a joyful bridal couple exchanging rings during an intimate wedding ceremony

5. Take more pictures with your spouse. I legit get about 5-10 minutes of portrait time with my couples that have big weddings. The more time your photograph has to take your portraits, they can be more creative, ensure their best work, and you won’t feel rushed by your planner and 100+ guests to start dinner.

a bridal couple under a veil smiling at each other looking very in love

I could go on and on why you should consider an intimate wedding. But these are just a few to get your wheels turning!

Was this info helpful? Did you/will you have an intimate wedding?

All images are by Erin Allenczy of Authentically You Weddings.

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